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Do wildstar Powerleveling if you are too Lazy

I see Wildstar bringing a whole new round of crazy to splitting end Game loot. Episode 22 of Nexus Weekly (one of my weekly habits, randomly wear pants to try to play along with the team) talked about the possible guild drama options of I see that Sword as an upgrade versus that chip really completes my better in slot strategy. It’s a great listen … even tho the magic mic is being used by someone’s granny and I got a vibe of Gerontophillia but then again I am from Portland OR so we try not to judge people too much.

In Wildstar online beta version, there will be a Arena map, and the carbine will be focusing on Arenas, one of WildStar’s PvP Elder Games. You can also farm the wildstar gold in the arena.

The Arena Map: You’ve found the seedy underworld of Nexus in the dingy engine room of a Marauder ship. The floor and walls are littered with bottles, beer cans, and broken weapons. Metal pillars sprout from the center of the Arena floor, venting steam. You can see spectators behind the grating. They are eyeing you as they make their wagers. Cameras rove around the room, waiting to record the action.

And while guilds always have been the main type of social group in MMOs, we also think we can better support your various social circles in WildStar, with a feature we call "Circles". Circles are separate from guilds, but include similar features, such as private chat channels, group rosters, name tags, and so on.

So you can be a part of your hardcore raiding guild, while still keeping in touch with the Esper Mad Healz Circle, Roleplaying Circle, and "Arrested Development" Circle, all at the same time. Currently, players can be members of one guild and five circles at the same time, though of course this may change as we get feedback during beta.

Mentoring has also been introduced. That means you can bring a high-leveled player with you on your travels without negatively affecting your own progression. I’m all for encouraging teamwork, so this is an addition I’m especially keen to hear about. But you can use wildstar power leveling once you are too lazy to raid.