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FireFall Team’s opinion to Casual Gaming

As we know, the firefall will be released in next few days, and I am not sure if they just want to attract more players, one of its team members said that casual gaming is killing the MMO.

The firefall gold now has become one of the hottest words on search engine. After the game is opened, that product will be very popular during the firefall players.

But why did the firefall team member say the casual gaming is killing the MMO?

With the flagging economy and people not having as much time for gaming due to multiple jobs, games that require a lot of time to finish have taken a step to the side and made way for the more casual side of things. The popularity of mobile gaming is a major sign of this, as games you can play in five minute intervals usually draw more time and money from the majority.

MMO developers have had to focus more on making the game accessible to casual gamers. The concept is becoming the death of such ambitious undertakings as World of Warcraft, where weeks of lengthy gameplay sessions are practically necessary to make any kind of progress.
Since these quests are so easily and quickly accomplished. The developer is not motivated to spend any time creating rich quests or events for players, since they will only be done once and discarded in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, like the era of offline gaming, MMOs with lengthy quests and the incentive to play for hours are going by the wayside. In their place are coming games where the goals are simplified and quick, and the story takes a back seat to getting things done faster.

Do you agree with the attitude that they said about this? I do not agree with, because I think casual games and mmo games are 2 totally different. But if they just want to promote their new game firefall, then it may bring some effects. By the way, after the game is opened, you can use firefall power leveling if you want to level up faster.