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The Firefall Staff said it is difficult to large Publishers to comprehend Free to Play Games

Firefall has opened its beta and many players have joined. You can buy firefall red beans directly from the firefall publisher using the real money. Currently the price is red bean is $5 for 40 beans.

One of the firefall staffs said that there are horrible ways to implement free to play. And we also talked to the Red 5 dev about the difficulties of creating a free to play MMO. Turns out it’s pretty damn difficult.

Firefall will be free to play, but Mark is determined that the MMO FPS won’t be affected by the payment method: “The model that we believe in, is: it’s free. All the content is free, there’s no velvet rope that prevents you from playing with your paying friends, and you’re not selling power, you’re selling opportunity. A good example of that is the World of Warcraft analogy where WoW has daily quests, for example. Maybe there’d be a way to say, “OK, you can get two Daily Quests instead of one, if you pay a little extra”.

The developer of Firefall says that too much greed can break the model: “They’re under the mentality that everybody must pay; no-one gets a free ride. And so you get these warped models like, ‘buy the box, pay a subscription, we’ll give you in-game advertising and you have to buy microtransactions or sell power all at the same time.’ That doesn’t really work.”

Smeone reckons Firefall’s budget will ensure that it can survive in the competitive world of MMOS: “We were sitting on an AAA game with an AAA budget – you know, as much as we’d spent on the original World of Warcraft – and we said, ‘Why not make that free?’ As we did the research and we did the math, it just made more and more sense.”

But players always love free to play games since they do not need to pay a lot for the game, like in Firefall, they will only need to pay if they want to buy firefall crystite and other game currency. So in players’ heart, more free game will be better!