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Suggestion of Trade Firefall Crystite and Firefall Red Beans

The firefall crystite and red beans are the important firefall ingame currencies. With the open beta of this game, many players want to know how to trade or exchange the game currencies in the game.

On the internet, so please players have given out their suggestions for the trade, let us check it out together.

One of the players suggested like this: Purchases red beans uses an auction house funtion to sell red beans to other players for crystite in the auction house he is charged 1 bean for every 10 beans he puts in the auction house and sets the price amount of crystite he wants for each bean individually.

Another player suggested like this: Goes to bean exchange in auction house and selects price he wishes to buy red beans at and either buys a current supply from an existing seller or sets his own price on which he wants to buy each individual bean at.

The last player said: Forgot to add however you'll need an actual use for crystite that will get other players wanting it to sell their beans to other players but this will depend primarily on how the in game trading is done later on down the road whether its just player to player and I trade computational metals for some bio organic compounds or whether we sell or buy those resources from one another using a common currency such as crystite.

The remaining thing will be what we can actually do with crystite other than trade it to other players because after the beta crystite npc is gone crystite will be all but worthless unless it has a lot more uses in future iterations of the game that require substancial quantities of crystite.

If you have found an easy and good way to trade firefall red beans or crystite in the game, please let us know in time. And then if you need to buy the firefall ingame currency, just come to kfcgold.com and we will give you a very cheap price.