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Get Ready for the WildStar Online Adventure

Wildstar will be opened around Augest 2013. Game players from all over the world are waiting for this awesome game to come out, and some of them even say that have saved a lot of money to buy wildstar gold already.

What is your feeling to wildstar online? Some players say it is a very wild game.

The game is pretty much promising players all sorts of revolutionary concepts that are certain to sweep the style of MMOs today as we know it! The game sticks with traditional WASD keyboard controls and is certain to be chock full of quests, dungeons, and PVP combat. As the developers say: it works well, so why break it? But unlike most MMORPGs, Wildstar has double-jumping! Neat! Also, one of the staples of the game is called “telegraphs.” This means that, when engaged in fight, both players and enemies will have zones displayed around them that allow for timing and navigating away.

The four available selections are the soldier, the explorer, the settler, and the scientist. The soldier is all about killing stuff. Pretty simple! Soldiers will set up a holdout and defend it from swarms of enemies or test out advanced military hardware. If you choose a soldier, you’ll also get to act as a hit man or perform rescue ops. The explorer goes all over the map.

As a settler, you’ll be expanding settlements and doing a bit of infrastructure. Settlers can improve towns and set up supply caches for other players to use. Last, but not least, we have the scientist. From my impressions, the scientist seems to be a bit lore-centric, finding out about the origins of the planet you’re on as well examining its inhabitants. You’ll be analyzing plants and alien compounds as well!

There’s so much more that makes this game look more and more promising. Needless to say.I love it and I will purchase wildstar powerleveling once the game is really live because I want to become the first one who will get the highest level in the game.