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How much you know about FireFall

As we all know firefall will be released soon in this year. In order to enjoy full fun of the game, we need to learn something about it in advance. FireFall is a sci-fi multiplayer online shooter with tournament e-Sports PvP maps, and an open world co-op PvE experience with hundreds of players at a time. Also it has Firefall gold for gamers to exchange items, equipments, or repair weapons. The developer has stated that they are against selling anything that might compromise the skill-based aspect of the game, so players will not be able to buy a weapon that is "better" than its free equivalents, for example. The game will focus on an open-world co-opexperience incorporating features such as character progression, clan-support, tournaments, ladders and stats.

The central part of the game is the open world co-op. The Melding surrounds Fortaleza, and players are confined initially to a two-and-a-half square mile area, which sounds tiny at first, though it is actually the size of Grand Theft Auto III's Liberty City. In addition, through collective efforts, can "push back" the Melding storm to reveal new playable land up to ten square miles (roughly the size of Mafia II's Empire Bay). This co-op experience groups hundreds of players (200-300) per "channel" of this open world.
Players can switch channels at any time, and from here, player can enter the ridiculously-named "e-Sports maps", which are instanced parts of the open world tailored for PvP tournament style matches. There is no open world PvP, as the Open World is entirely PvE with players fighting Melding creatures and an alien race known as the Chosen. If you really have no idea how to fight successfully, you can buy Firefall Powerleveling service from websites. Their professional gamers will do the complicated and boring tasks for you.
The developers have stated that the Open World will be heavily focused on "Dynamic Events", featuring the invasion by the NPC army known as the Chosen, who will take over towns and POIs (Points of Interest) within the Open World. Players must defend these areas, or lose access to their benefits. When a location is overrun by the Chosen, players will receive new missions to "retake" the areas lost. Other Dynamic Events are also available in the Open World, but have yet to be disclosed by the developers.