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The Sales of FFXIV Digital Version is Recovered on Square Enix

As we know, Square Enix stopped selling the digital version in the past few weeks. But now they have taken it back on sale and now you can buy it again and also buy ffxiv power leveling on kfcgold website.

One can argue that the server congestion issues are now lightening up due to the usual drop in game population after a MMO’s initial launch period, but it seems Final Fantasy XIV’s server population are still at a healthy high based on additional servers that have been steadily added to the roster since as far back as Beta Phase 4.

Gamers who have decided to hop on the FF14: A Realm Reborn bandwangon after reading scores of reviews, watched multitude of gaming streams were probably left to finding physical copies available at stores due to the halting of digital sales of the game by Square Enix back in August 27.
As a current generation MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV is in my opinion one of the nicest looking MMO in recent years. With support of multiple monitor setup, if you have the hardware to run it, gaming at a resolution of 5040 x 1050 is pretty damn sweet.

So if you are a game addict, you can take advantage of this chance to buy it at a cheaper price and then you will be able to enjoy this game.