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The FFXIV Game System is a very Complicated One

Players who play Final Fantasy 14 may feel that the game is very cool, but if you feel more, you would find that the game system is very complicated, especially when you do ffxiv power leveling for your toon.

You will see the often mistakes takeaway in the first few levels of the game is that this is a quest hub game. This leads to the conclusion that the game’s progression is solo-quest to max level and then do dungeons and raids ad nauseum while waiting for the next expansion or the next shiny MMO promising to do something different.

And before you do quest, you need to look for the quests you can do, those quests can be found by looking for quest indicators hovering over the NPC’s head. They are there to ease you into the game and prevent you from being overwhelmed in your first few hours in Eorzea.

According to my experience, I never completed a single quest after 15th level on my main character. I took advantage of other game systems that opened up. Sure, I completed the story line arcs for my classes, but I don’t mind story line quests. I also ran a ton of dungeons, participated in FATE, finished guildhests and just generally played the game in a way that felt fun.

So you need to be patient when you play this game. If you play more and more, you will feel the game is very interesting and you will definitely love it.