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Sharing my Final Fantasy XIV Experience with You Guys

I am a Final Fantasy Powerleveler and I do FFXIV Power leveling to earn money. So far, I can make about $2000 a month by doing ff14 leveling. Now I would share my experience with FFXIV.

Back in 2010 I had the chance to play the beta at E3, and almost immediately, I had a pretty terrible time. In 2013, Square Enix is getting a second chance with the complete rework titled FFXIV ARR. Right now I'm working on a Lancer on Adamantoise, toiling away in the beautiful town of Gridania. That is, when I can connect to Square Enix's servers.

It feels like a true numbered Final Fantasy game in terms of the top notch overall narrative, played out through select story quests. Leveling isn't nearly as much of a time sink as it was in Final Fantasy XI, and you can progress through pretty much all early content by soloing which is a huge plus for me.

Despite the fact that I'm enjoying the game, not everything is going smoothly on launch week, as a number of US and EU realms are having major connection issues. For example, I spent around two hours trying to log in to no avail. What Square needs to do to alleviate this issue immediately is hotfix in an AFK booting system. Right now, players en masse are logging in before work, leaving their characters on all day, and coming back home to play just to have a spot.

I will share more of my experience with FFXIV later. Hopefully you guys will continue reading my posts. Good luck and have fun in Final Fantasy 14.