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How to do a Good Job in Copperbell Mines when you Play FFXIV

Some final fantasy xiv players usually stuck in Copperbell Mines, so they usually choose to buy ffxiv power leveling service to go through that. But after you read this guide, you will be able to do it by yourself.

You will see more Spriggans in this dungeon than anything else. Just have your tank get their attention and take them down group by group. Take any lifts that you come across, but make sure to have the entire group inside before taking it or someone can get left behind and require someone to go back to get them.

Once Kottos joins the fight, the tank has to get his attention right away and make sure that they face him away from the group. Keep hitting him hard and watch out for any Bombs that appear during the fight. Take them out quickly and then focus on taking out Kottos. Definitely the easiest boss fight in Copperbell Mines.

After Gyges breaks open the wall, Stone Servants will begin to join the battle, but they will go and specifically start to attack another wall. Try to take them down as quickly as you can once they arrive. If you do not stop them quick enough, they will break down the wall and waves of Spriggans will join the fight, which makes it much harder.

Otherwise just keep taking down the Stone Servants when they appear and inbetween hit Gyges over and over. Before long Gyges will be no more and you will have conquered the Copperbell Mines.

And now you will feel it is not that hard to go through the Copperbell Mines, and you will get a lot of ffxiv gil after you have done this.