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Final Fantasy XIV ARR has made my Year 2013

I cannot describe how much I love Final Fantaxy 14: A Realm Reborn. I skipped playing 1-50 because I bought the ffxiv power leveling service. Did I miss too much wonderful things?

After I progressed through the Lancer Guild enough I was able to reach the point of joining other guilds as well, thus not forever being stuck as just a lancer. This point happens early enough in the game to keep the options open, and lets the player customize their character as they see fit, but also not too early on. Having to accomplish the basic missions for my initial choice, The Lancer, I was able to learn the basics, and given a taste for how the game works.

Perhaps my greatest shock at first was to hear that they had voice work. The voice acting so far in A Realm Reborn has been minimal with mostly just narration, this early story mission gave me a taste for the actual acting in the game, and not just some disembodied voice. Characters actually talking were something that I haven’t heard much of yet, I was starting to get used to just reading all the dialogue.

My first party experience in A Realm Reborn was on a small scale like this, just the two of us together. Soon, however, we began to make new acquaintances and grow our group. I got to know my group a bit through the game’s chat features, and we had some fun conversations.

I will keep playing FFXIV and I am sure I will find more fun in this game. Guys, come on, if you have not played this game, you’d better have a try because it is really awesome!