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FFXIV ARR Newest Event Features Lightning

While Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is still in the works, she's taking a break in the busy production schedule to crossover into the recently reborn world of Final Fantasy XIV Online. Players will be able to fight along with her, and even earn special costumes.

There is no greater power in the realm of Eorzea than cross-promotion, be it with Dragon Quest or the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The pink-haired paladin of justice makes a trip to MMO-land to drop off clothes in a special event.

Players who have completed the special event can also earn FF13-themed gear. Female characters will get Lightning soldier outfit, while males earn Snow's trenchcoat. Meanwhile, various FF13-themed weapons can be obtained via new side quests in many of the major cities. The new equipment applies to all races too, allowing you can act out your Lalafell Lightning or Snow fantasies.

The Miqo'te costume and equipment based on the MMO's city-states will be unlockable in next-year's Lightning Returns via dark secrets. I shall unlock them as quickly as possible, so she is never without fluffy ears again.

A important part of FF14 are the FATE battles. Totally not a forced acronym for Full Active Time Events, they are public quests which randomly occur across the monster-strewn lands of Eorzea. Now, a new FATE lets players fight alongside the pink-haired heroine, as featured in the new trailer without using ffxiv power leveling service.