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FFXIV ARR Company has never thought that they could get so many Players

Many of Final Fantasy XIV servers could not be logged in due to too many players after it was launched. This can prove how popular the game is. And the FFXIV team did not expect that they could get so many players.

Regarding the current server problems and long queues afflicting the current launch of A Realm Reborn since August 27th, FFXIV CEO was very apologetic. "We didn't expect this kind of response at launch. We thought players would let others take the plunge," he said, based on how bad it was in 2010. The number of players trying to log into FF14: ARR has "exceeded expectations."

Many players were frustrated that they can't play with their friends and do ffxiv power leveling on the right servers, Square Enix is working on a server transfer program. It's unclear if there will be free transfers offered, or if a small fee will be involved. Yoshida wants to avoid the situation where all the players transfer to the same server for free, but we should see a transfer system for FF14 in place in the next month or so, and we'll get more details on pricing then.

FFXIV CEO also said their internal metrics say the problem isn't a lack of healers at those levels, but a dearth of tanks. "We are considering offering bonuses to the tanks so that more players choose to play them".

"The current Final Fantasy games feel like they are for kids," he also said, oddly criticizing his own company's offerings. "I want to make a Final Fantasy game that's more for our generation, our older fans, and the response from fans so far is that Final Fantasy is back."