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How much you Know about Final Fantasy 14 Dungeons

Guess all of you play Final Fantasy XIV for about 3 weeks at most since this game came out for a short time. But many players have done a very good job in FFXIV Power leveling because they are very good at learning.

Today we would like to introduce some information about ffxiv dungeons.

There's a quick quest explaining what it is and why you should go there, but if you want to reach the level cap without ever stepping inside you can feel free. That having been said, there's some good stuff in here, and it's another step up of the mechanics that were present in the first three dungeons.

I've still got treasure kicking around that I picked up from this dungeon in 1.0, some of which is still great, some of which... not so much. The overall layout hasn't changed too much, although the back-and-forth just to fight a single boss is helpfully gone. It's still filled with puks, landtraps, and diremites, along with a few ochus and mushrooms for variety.

Haukke has the unfortunate drawback of being right below the next dungeon, which means very few people want to run it. It also has a disproportionately crazy final boss, with far too many adds that can overwhelm tanks pretty quickly. It also has charming atmosphere and some reasonable treasure for its level, and it's the first dungeon where entering as a job rather than a class will have tangible benefits beyond stat allocation, so there's that.

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