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Final Fantasy XIV Server Issues Make Players not Satisfied

More and more players can not connect to FFXIV servers because of too many players playing at the same time. We faced the same issue and we could not login to do ffxiv power leveling for our customers.

When Americans and Europeans were dealing with the inability to connect to any of the servers in their region, I gave Square Enix the benefit of the doubt. Having rolled on a Japanese server myself (quite by accident), I had no trouble at all logging on during peak Western hours. I felt for the folks having issues, but I was hopeful they’d all be ironed out in time for full launch on Tuesday.

Sometimes the Eastern ones would disappear. Sometimes I would get a “Server is Full” error before even getting to character selection. Sometimes the Western servers would be unavailable.

It certainly doesn’t help that there isn’t any sort of AFK kick timer in the game, so many players that do get into the game simply leave it on without logging out, afraid they won’t be able to get back in.

Recently, the issue seems having been resolved, and hopefully the same issue will not happen again since it is really disappointed if you can not play the game which you have paid.