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Everquest Next has become the EQ’s New Official Title

Most people believed that the true name of new EQ would not be revealed until the annual convention this year. However, one fan took to Twitter and point blank asked Dave Georgeson, the franchise director, about the impending title. And Georgeson answered! So the official title for EQ Next is EverQuest Next! And the new EQ’s ingame currency is still called EQN Platinum.

The working title has now been declared the official title. Maybe it isn't really a surprise, but there were plenty of creative ideas floating around for possible names that could have been used, not to mention ones I'm sure we haven't even heard yet. But for now, EQN is set in stone or is it? The game itself was totally blown up and redesigned from scratch, so it stands to reason the name could follow suit.

The Everquest Next is not the worst name ever, but for a game that's already carrying the burden of substantial expectation before it's even been publicly unveiled, EQN seems a little bit vanilla to me. Titles can be important, too, particularly in terms of first impressions and roping in those yummy casuals.

Now the EQN has not been really released, after it has been released, the EverQuest Next Platinum will again be in big demand. So let us expect this game to be launched.