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Wildstar Online has added the new Addons

The wildstar online will open its beta version in Augest, now this game is still in closed testing, only few players in certain counties can access the game and try to play. Some of them said they have already farmed a lot of wildstar gold.

While the testing is going on, the carbine team has been adding new addons to it. Whether you agree with World of Warcraft's approach to interface design or not, it's hard to deny that it's a fascinating case study. It's a game that was released with a broken interface, one that was very decidedly not the optimal way to experience the game... with the expectation that players would develop a better one.

Including UI modding from launch means that WildStar will have the opportunity to tread down familiar paths. But some of those paths are familiarly awful, and so perhaps the developers could learn some lessons from those who have made these mistakes before. So let's look at the good, the bad, and how we can perhaps get more of the former than the latter.

If you're not as interested in using a lot of addons, you still benefit because addons show what the community considers important, which can be relevant further on down the line. The idea that games should have built-in threat gauges came because people made addons to manage just that. So even if you're not interested in the hassle, everyone winds up with a better overall game.

Anyway, you will see how those addons work after you play this game. If you want to skip the boring griding process, you can let others do wildstar power leveling for you, then you will not have to experience the whole process.