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The Bad WildStar Online Comments Causes Commotion

Since the wildstar got too much attention in this year, its developer also feels stressed. This game has not launched, but too many wildstar gold websites have been created.

Due to the long time waiting, some people are not satisfied about this.

MMO news site wrote a report titled “Not so Wild about WildStar”. In the article author Andrew complains about the very restricted trial at the E3 booth and the awkward control scheme.

He also expresses disappointment that the quest system doesn’t deviate much from standard MMOs, saying of the game that “I thought I was playing World of Warcraft with Guild Wars 2′s combat with bad controls”. To be fair Ross also has some nice things to say about WildStar, including a comment that his spellslinger character “had style” and shot spells from her gun, but generally his tone is one of disappointment.

The article has prompted a strong outraged response in the comments, ranging from reasonable critiques of the contents to insults about the author’s intelligence. Even Troy “Aether” Hewitt, WildStar community manager, felt compelled to step in. Hewitt commented that the folks at WildStar welcome honest criticism and requested that commenters “elevate the discussion beyond dividing ourselves into camps that devolve into defaming each other’s mothers.”

But if you see from another part, you will know so many criticism means many people are keep looking and waiting for this game. It can be seen that wildstar power leveling service will be very profitable once the game is opened because many players will be interested in that service.