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The general situation about WildStar on Games Com

On the Games Com exhibition, the new game WildStar attracted a lot of visitors and players, the most important problem that players concern is “Will it add player vs. player model?” The Design Director of Carbine Studio Writer Chad Moore gave all the players a positive reply. And he said that the PVP playing will bring all pvpers great surprise! The WildStar gold business will begin soon since the game will be so hot and popular around the world.
A lot of players doubted if there is any special Armor or closing in different races. The Art Director of Carbine Studio Matt Mocarski said they will add Custom design system in game including male and female armor designs. Also he said that Carbine offers as much freedom as they can to all players, so they will make it easy for players to design their own appearances as they like.

At the end of the exhibition, Carbine replied to some other questions which were asked many times by players. Here are some questions and answers:
Q: Will all the professions have other Subtlety Talents in game?
Re: Yes. Your character can add BUFF, output and cure.
Q: Will the final game edition be in favor of core players, or casual players?
Re: We are planning to make a game suits to all players. If you don’t like team playing, you can play the classical and funny tasks. And we will prepare a lot of different things for players among all levels. You won’t feel boring.
Q: How many character born regions in game? Can I play together with my friends?
Re: We can’t tell you how many regions there exactly at the moment. But we can tell you that there will be more than one region. And we don’t want make players cross far in different regions to converge friends.
The number of players who wants to join the show was limited by exhibition staff finally. Because there were too many visitors assembled around Wildstar booth.
With the quick development of game business, more and more companies will pay attention to WildStar gold and WildStar powerleveling.