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No Region Locking in WildStar Online Second Closed beta

WildStar online has finished its first opened beta, but the pity is only US players can take part in the beta. It is a great news that all players in the world can take part in the wildstar’s second close beta. And at the same time, wildstar gold can be obtained in game.
While the first phase of closed beta was primarily US players, WildStar’s now choosing not to discriminate based on geographical location for choosing the second round of beta participants. The lucky ones in will get to play a new faction, aim for a slightly higher level cap of 30, and try out new features like “Mentoring.” Take a look inside for the lowdown.
Two pretty major features have also been introduced for this round. Rallying will convert players’ levels to that of the instance, meaning they’ll face the challenges at the level they were designed for. Though not applied to PvE dungeons in this beta round, it will work in PvP. No more one-hitting low-leveled enemies!

The Exile faction’s been packed up in its box for this round, but now we get to say hello to the Dominion. Level 20+ players can check out the newly opened dungeon, Ruins of Kel Voreth. A capture-the-flag-style 10v10 battleground is now available for PvPers. And, finally, attributes have been renamed to be 100% more badass. For instance, Strength is now Brutality; Stamina has become Grit. I look forward to telling friends that I’m “stacking Moxie.”
Mentoring has also been introduced. That means you can bring a high-leveled player with you on your travels without negatively affecting your own progression. I’m all for encouraging teamwork, so this is an addition I’m especially keen to hear about.
After the beta version is closed finally, the real wildstar will be live and then you can purchase wildstar power leveling to get the fast level up. Let us expect the coming of the real one.