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The Design of WildStar Online’s Aiming

Aiming came to the game mostly because the team wanted to try something for fun. When the game had telegraphs in place, some of the team members wanted to see what happened if the Esper had abilities linked to telegraphs.

While wildstar gold has become a hot product now on the internet even the game has not really launched, the developer of wildstar is still working on this game to make it more perfect.

The team is finding that the end result is better at supporting more flexible builds. Healers and DPS aren't constantly switching between targets, since many abilities of both are targeted in a freeform nature. The result is that dedicated healers are still worrying about placement and aiming, just like DPS, and there's very little preventing you from tossing some heals in with your damage skills or vice versa.

The game also does still have some traditional targeted abilities, although the development team is steadily moving away from that as a design principle. Most of the remaining targeted skills are heals rather than attacks.

If you're not much good at aiming, the game does have systems in place to help. Some of those systems may or may not be in the final build, but the team is definitely aware that not everyone is good at twitch gaming.

WildStar still has its sights set on releasing later this year, so fans should keep their eyes open for any further development on the game's mechanics. And wildstar power leveling service will also become popular soon after the game is opened for play.