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The behind story of Farside in WildStar Online

There is a zone on a moon called Farside in Wildstar. What is the idea of Farside? Are there any stories behind this? Well, the carbine has told us some information. By playing and doing quests in that zone, you can get a lot of wildstar gold.

There are other tracks and zones and places that are off-planet, Farside is just the first one that going to see. And we can get to do a lot of great things that we didn’t get to do here. The number one thing is gravity, or anti-gravity in this case, where we can turn round and say ‘Hey look, some of these asteroids have breathable atmosphere, some of them you have to wear a helmet.’

We are talking about space westerns and having the ability to go from place to place. We didn’t want to be terrestrially bound the entire time either. We were saying we could go to moons, we could go to planetoids, and we could go to asteroids.

All of them have gravity that you would have on a moon, so you’re leaping higher, which changes the entire dynamic of combat. Now you can double jump and glide way over the top of people’s attacks, and it turns it more into a 3D space. We can do the most amazingly crazy things for jump puzzles now. It’s a different kind of gameplay.

We really felt like it was worth it, because that’s what people want to do. You want to go into space, you want to see weird creatures and alien things, and it was somewhat easier for us to do that just going out into the galaxy around Nexus.

It was a pretty big leap of faith, because we were like ‘This is going to change everything.’ If we go to a moon, then we have to redesign how the game’s going to work. How’s combat going to work? How do you not trivialize jump puzzles and explorer things?

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