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The 40 minutes Match Times of WildStar Online

WildStar Online may be having a 40 minutes matches times. How do you think of this? Are you expecting it as more as getting the wildstar gold? We can read together seeing how the developer says about this.

There was some discussion on the time length, and then we decided that the best course of action, because we really couldn’t be sure--like you said, some of us like it, some of us aren’t big fans of it--was to get out there and actually get the players’ feedback. Because ultimately they’re the true arbiters of style as far as this is concerned. I’m very interested to find out if this is going to hold water. Is 30 minutes better? The best thing in my opinion is to get it in front of the players as fast as possible and get their feedback.

All of the changes you see in these patch notes,the core value of it is based on player feedback. As a matter of fact, the interesting thing about reading these patch notes is that we’re already working on the next beta, so I’ve already seen large changes to the next [build], further refining the abilities and the classes themselves. So this has a lot of good changes but the next one is going to be even better.

I think that we were able to look at what people were saying and go ‘you know what, they’re saying this. If we take it two steps further we think it’ll play even better.’ And that’s pretty much where we’re at right now. I’m hoping that it’ll catch up, but right now we’re definitely trying to get ahead of where the feedback is.

If people are talking about, say, shorter battleground times, we can do tests here internally. If 40 is not cutting it, is 30 or 20? How about 15 or even 10? We can start testing that internally with core testers, or even with focus test groups, to see what they’re like before we even get to the next CBT. And that’s just an example.

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