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Back Story of Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax in WildStar

After carbine revealed its two finally races in the last week, they just now disclose the back story of the two key characters of those 2 races. You can farm wildstar gold with this two charactors which are called Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax .

Mondo's family never clung to greatness or wealth. His father and twelve other siblings were all fighting for survival and their place in the world; day in and day out. With Mondo being the runt of the family he too was forced to battle his older siblings for vital resources just to survive; on top of being constantly bullied by them both physically and mentally.

However, as time passed, Mondo's other siblings started to disappear under mysterious and unexplained circumstances until his own father--the last of the Zax family other than Mondo himself-- fell victim after being vaporized by a routine bot calibration.

DRED is currently responsible for developing the Dominion's most deadly and advanced weaponry with Mondo Zax directing it all from his orbital research facility known as Zlab, in order to carry out continued carnage and devastation.

Before tragedy befell the Mordesh, they were once an artistic, beautiful and highly intellectual race. Being looked at as one of the brightest Mordesh of his time, Victor Lazarin graduated with honors from the Grismaran Academy of Alchemical Sciences and lived his glory years with his newly-wed wife, Mina. This should have been a time of joy for him; however his life soon came plummeting down around him when Mina died giving birth to their newborn daughter Lucy.

If these two stories are any indication of what plots await us in the WildStar universe then I'm sure you're just as excited to discover them as I am. If you also want to buy wildstar power leveling for those 2 charactors, just choose kfcgold because they always have the cheapest price.