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Why I have decided to Play EveryQuest Again after EQN is Live

I don’t think we can ever recapture that original magic we experienced when introduced to the world of Norrath, however, I think if SOE does it right we can experience something just as exciting. I will try my best to farm as much everquest next platinum as I can.

I played many different classes in EQ but I had the most fun playing casters because of the endless variety of spells available, and that I had to hunt, purchase, and trade to obtain my spells made it very worthwhile. The anticipation of killing mobs and hoping they would drop the spell you needed or spells you could sell for profit helped create an economy that was critical to the games social interaction.

I found many aspects of the original EverQuest fun such as “Dumpster Diving” the act of checking out all of the vendors to see if a higher level player sold off anything he didn’t want or couldn’t sell in auction, and thus if I was quick enough I could find something good to either use for myself or try my hand at selling it. This to me was a game inside of a game and I really hope SOE includes something like this in EQN.

Today’s games are very “cookie cutter” and follow the route of least resistance by making everything available to players in an easier way that allows players to just jump right in without having to worry about such things as finding your spells or skills in remote places or building relationships with other players who can assist you.

It’s my hope that EQN does away with simplifying everything for the player, if anyone has been watching the WOW boards you will see the constant complaints of how easy WOW is and how bored players are with the status quo. Those WOW players want something new and I bet harder than they experienced within WOW, and I think it’s high time that SOE gives them that with EQN also everquest next power leveling will be very popular soon.