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What is Your Divination On Runescape

We have got all skills the Runescape have now, but many players are expecting other skills which can attract them eyes. The RuneScape reveal more information, upcoming divination skill. May 8, 2013, the behind-the-scenes video reveals already know the name, a new divination skills, as well as the first detail, in fact, related to what kind of skills.
Released in March, the world woke up to explore the age the beginning of the fifth and sixth period revealed at the end. As the sixth era, change the power RuneScape RuneScape players unlock new ability to shape the future of the game. This will be a new divination skill RuneScape players will shape the future of RuneScape Gold.

According to MOD marks, quote directly from the May 8, 2013, behind-the-scenes video, the most exciting for me, we found the name of the new skills. Moreover, the name of the skills of divination. So it will comes to the power of the gods, but it is how it works? you will have to wait and see.
It is said that it is safe to assume that in the sixth period, we have the ability to shape the future RuneScape divination skills to use. In other words, it seems like new skills, will focus on the ability to communicate RuneScape communicate with the gods, so as to be able to shape the future RuneScape.

We know that new skills comes to us, which will not make our job easy, we will work hard on it,our Runescape Power Leveling job will make it faster.