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Neverwinter Open Beta

We have waited for Neverwinter for too long, at present, our dream comes true now. Many players who play many games have their own ideas on this great game.Neverwinter today formally launches open beta and available for everyone for free. There are some new features added and more will come in the future. We are just as curious as you about the contents that worth to check out in the open beta build, and we put forward Perfect World Entertainment our questions, part of which are submitted by a Neverwinter guild called Steel Cats. Hope you like it.
1. What kind of items will be sold in the cashshop? Will some expensive items break the balance among classes and players?
We haven't announced our full plan, but if you look at Star Trek Online and Champions Online (our two other live games), I think you'll get a good idea of what we're going to do.
Our main principle: a player should be able to get anything he wants by simply playing the game. How do we do this? We have a system of Astral Diamonds…that players can earn by doing special content in game. A player can either spend the Neverwinter Astral Diamonds on his own characters, or he can sell them in a special exchange to other players for microtransaction points. Thus, by playing the game, someone could purchase all the microtransactions he'd like.
2. Besides the foundry system and the character bio, What other features are you working on for the RP minded player? Like a housing system?
I'd say the Foundry and guilds are the two primary RP features. And we hope that the Foundry can recreate the fun of creating adventures for friends that tabletop D&D has delivered for decades.

3. What's the ZEN marketplace all about? Can you sell in-game currency to other players?
Zen is the term we use for microtransaction points. Astral Diamonds are currently the only currency that can be exchanged for Zen.
4. How much involvement does Wizards of the Coast or the Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood have in regards to the content of Neverwinter? Do you plan to add official books, adventures, campaign guides elements into the lore of Neverwinter? Will you try to keep in line with the other lore out there or start your own alternative campaign with your own lore?
We work VERY closely with Wizards of the Coast! Nearly every bit of content in Neverwinter is the product of close collaboration between Wizards and Cryptic. If you take a look at our office, you'll find D&D books of every edition wherever you look. We hope to keep faithful to the Forgotten Realms lore and we aspire to evolve just like the campaign setting does.

5. Star Trek Online is a successful title in the market. It just celebrated its 3rd-year anniversary with a 2 million-player base. What experience do you learn from the release of Star Trek Online and how do you apply them to Neverwinter?

The #1 thing we've learned – focus on the player. Listen to the player base. In STO, players wanted starbases for their guilds…so we added that in the middle of last year. The players asked for a robust end game system…so we added that at the end of the year. The fans wanted more of a connection to the Star Trek lore…so we brought Denise Crosby in to make a special event for our 3rd anniversary.
6. What's the mechanism of rating system working in the user-generated content? Is there any build-in measures to prevent the '1 star no comment bandit' from occurring in rating of missions?
Only that players need to play the mission in order to rank things. Otherwise, it's possible, I suppose, but not something we've seen in our other game.
We have a robust event system that is constantly running. Players queue up and launch into skirmishes. They'll face off against marauding bandits, undead pirates and yes, even a dragon or two.Also, Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds has been more important to all players, as you know, many rare items cant be bought by gold only,they have to spend some AD buying it.KFCGOLD is your best choice!