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What is wrong with Blade and Soul

It seems there are less and less news about the game Blade and Soul. The publisher and developer of this game seems disappears? A lot of players are complain about this, lets see some players complaints.
A player said: I don't know what's been happening with Blade and Soul but it feels like NCsoft put it on the shelf and forgot about it. The last bit of ¨News¨ that were posted on their website was on December 5th 2012, 5 months ago! And the best part? That last bit of info we got was about how they were going to update us on the state of the game and give more info in the coming year!! It feels like a joke considering how almost half a year has gone by without a single word from them. Also the game currency is Blade and Soul gold or something else?

This game has been announced for what, 5 years now? How the heck do you build up hype over 5 years and expect people to care about the game anymore, especially in a market that's literally flooding with Mmos? Whatever, I guess I'm just ranting, but do you guys think that kind of stuff is alright? Does it really help establish a community of future buyers/players to hype games years before they come out? Honestly all it did for me is making me lose interest in what could be a great game.

Another one said: If they said more info was scheduled for the 'coming year', then they're still within their stated timeframe. If we get no information at all within 2013, then yeah, they didn't deliver.
Just be patient and think about other stuff. Play other games. Waiting impatiently for one particular game will only frustrate you and achieve nothing of significance.
And: Check out the Blade and Soul thread, I linked to an interview with Hyung-Tae Kim where he quotes 'hopefully sometime in 2014' for an English version.
Sadly I wouldn't hold my breath of ever seeing it at this point. Out of the dozens of games I've followed over the years, I've never seen such a lack of communication with what is going on with development/localization.
And: I don't remember any hyping being done of this game for western shores - all the hype was done for Korea, and it's out in Korea, so it lived up to the hype. They didn't even announce their intent to release it here until last year.. It's too bad, I wanted to play this and Archeage. I have no idea what is going on with Archeage either besides the publisher. But you can find many Archeage gold sites coming out. I wish it wasn't so annoying to get a Korean address and stuff to play blade and soul.
So anyone know what is happening with Blade and Soul? Are they not going to release game? It is really bad they keep silent; this is not a respect to its fans.