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The Endgame Content of Final Fantasy XIV

Each game publisher wants to make their own game to be an endgame of the players. Final fantasy’s publisher has the same thoughts too. From the amount of the ffxiv power leveling service, we can see this game is quite popular now.

A type of high-level challenge that you'll come across in your adventuring career is repeat encounters against bosses from the game's story. Yoshida gives an example of a battle against longstanding Final Fantasy summon Ifrit the fire demon. When working through the game's main quest, this is a level 20 encounter, but his level 50 incarnations will pose a significant challenge even for skilled players.

Besides Ifrit, players can expect a tough battle against the earth-element giant Titan, and even against some iconic monsters from past Final Fantasies such as recurring boss beast Demon Wall.

The PC version already rejigs its interface a little for gamepad users and has good support for Xbox 360 controllers in particular, but Yoshida and the team is keen to ensure that those playing with a gamepad will not only have a good experience in the game, but also be able to remain competitive with those playing with mouse and keyboard.

If you have already tried final fantasy xiv ARR, you should have the feeling that this game is very cool and you will stick playing it for some time or maybe longer. Hopefully it will become your endgame.