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Speak to the WildStar Online Team

During the E3, we had a chance to talk to the wildstar team from Carbine. And they were still low-key as usual. When we asked if the wildstar gold will be the game currency, they did not answer directly, I guess they may be just want to give us a big surprise when the game is launched.
The team is working on demos that will show new content, new races, and new classes.
Carbine reps explained that paths are supposed to complement the game's combat, not supplant it. We're not supposed to be leveling just by exploring or gathering lore. The option for that sort of gameplay is there, but it's supposed to be only an option, kind of like crafting. Still, 25-33% of a zone's content being devoted to paths isn't too bad, especially if you have friends following other paths to help you experience what those other paths have to offer. But if you were hoping to level up by making potions or exploring, WildStar might not be your game, unless things change dramatically in beta.

Consider classic Darkfall, in which players were just mastering every skill, which really made it obvious who had been playing the game for a while and who was new. In fact, Darkfall dropped its completely open skill system when it launched Unholy Wars to prevent players from becoming an all-powerful wizard while also shooting a bow. The game does still allow players to level up through content like exploring and gathering. While I was told this sort of system was technically feasible, it's just not what Carbine wants to do.
The closed beta NDA is still in effect, but I asked whether the team could relate some stories about player creations in beta. We've heard about space for creation in housing, but unfortunately, Carbine isn't quite ready to show off player-designed homes just yet. I was told that players are, however, enjoying the dungeons, which the team says feel like high-level dungeons in other games. In fact, the player testers have already found interesting ways to break these dungeons, but for obvious reasons, Carbine wasn't spilling the beans on how.
Guess the only we can do now is to wait patiently, the game will possible be launched in August 2013. And then the wildstar power leveling will be very hot since too many players are interested in this game, anyway, we will see.