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Ready for the WildStar Battle and Welcome the Public Beta of WildStar

The date of Wildstar’s public beta is coming closer and closer, a lot of players are waiting to play this game as well as waiting to buy the wildstar gold.

WildStar players can also customise their experience by selecting races, classes and the paths. The system is deep and detailed but also very accessible, with the options being presented in a clear and easy to use manner. Unique content is available depending on what options are chosen, content that suits how players want to play.

Combat is fast and fluid compared to most MMO games, there's no auto-aim, so players need to focus on accurate aiming and dodging. A telegraph system indicates enemy attack patterns, granting players the opportunity to avoid damage. I had a lot of fun striking at enemies then double-jumping or dodging out of their attack range. Its trickier than it seems and can be massively challenging when faced with multiple enemies at once.

Sprinting back to the relative safety of where I had just come from I ran past a couple of other players. Unfortunately none decided to pitch in and lend me a hand; they were probably too busy laughing at the death-dealing tin-man Mechari running from a pack of wild animals.
After a few more minutes of playing with the mechanics it was time for me to leave. I had hoped to uncover a secret to brag about, but found picking on the native Nexus wildlife far too appealing to get any real exploring done.

I overcame the evil spirits on my second attempt, having accidentally leapt out of the area the first time, and got some nice rewards. Feeling confident in my abilities it seemed like a natural next step to go charging off into the wilderness.

If you are not familiar with the whole game, you can choose to buy wildstar power leveling service which can bring you to a high level without doing by yourself.