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Do you like WildStar Online or Not

Some players like WildStar very much, but some players do not like it. But it is all ok, different people have different thoughts and demands. But no matter what games you like, the most wanted thing is its game currency, like wildstar players must like wildstar gold.

Last week's events made me decide to do one of my periodic column-topic-switches to discuss the fact that there is going to be bad press about WildStar out there, sometimes even bad press that complains about things that you don't think are relevant. And the best thing you can do is be cool.

The real defense of the game should come from the game itself. If you're trying to mount a long-winded defense about how a game's problems aren't really problems, you are essentially playing the Xbox One game, in which you tell a room full of unhappy people that they're not really unhappy.

But that's not relevant, you say to your monitor, fully cognizant that I should not be able to hear you. This is criticism or whatever about something that's inaccurate, so surely the person leveling criticism just didn't do the research!

You really don't need to jump in with a pedantic explanation of why someone doesn't know something. If someone is complaining that the game makes it too difficult to dye your gear when there's an NPC five inches from your starting position labeled "Gear Colorist," a correction is pointless. And if it's not obvious, even if it's a silly criticism, it's one that should be leveled.

Beyond all of that, though, is the simple fact that some people are just not going to like the game. Some people are, in fact, going to give silly reasons for not liking the game that are just there because there has to be a reason, and it's sometimes difficult to articulate what you dislike about a title.

No matter you like wildstar or not, it is ok, but there will be many people liking it and it has become one of the most expected mmo games in 2013. And the wildstar power leveling service will be very hot in 2013 since too many players need that service.