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The official Marvel Heroes wiki is now Live

We're proud to announce that we have partnered with Curse to bring you the official Marvel Heroes wiki - and we need your help to make it the best wiki it can be!
Marvel Heroes is a big game, and it’s only going to get bigger after launch on June 4th. Over time we'll be adding more costumes, gear, content, heroes and more - and whether it’s a description of a power, a tactic to defeat a boss or just details on the game's story, we want all of this information available to our players. Because of the vast amount of information in the game though (and the fact that we're busy making the game!), we’re going to need the help of the Marvel Heroes community to document all of this - and that's where the wiki comes in!
You'll find the official Marvel Heroes wiki right here. It's open now for your information and edits.

If you are not familiar with a wiki, it’s a hub of information that can be edited by anyone. Over time, we hope it'll become a place that you can reference for information on Marvel Heroes at any time. But we can’t create this wiki alone - we need your contributions. Discovered a new crafting recipe? Got a great strategy for a tough achievement? Add it! The wiki will thrive on community support.
Here are a few of the areas that already could use some help:
Frequently Asked Questions
So what are you waiting for? Impress the world with your Marvel Heroes knowledge and help us make a great wiki - register with Curse to get editing right away!If you are ready to buy Marvel Heroes Gs from us, please contact our website through livechat support when you need.