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Say Farewell to Firefall’s New Eden in my Ingame Adventure

I have started playing firefall few days ago. Time is not long, but I already spent a lot of money in purchasing firefall red beans. And now after playing, I am going to say goodbye to firefall’s new eden.

All good things must end. And while this edition of Choose My Adventure comes to a close this week, our own Shawn Schuster will be leaping into the fray next week to ask for your input on which game we should play next. Time has a way of rolling on, after all, and there are so many games worth playing!

I played it briefly early in the closed beta period and generally liked what I saw, but the game I've been playing for the last few weeks is so far removed from that early build that making a comparison isn't even worth the text it would take to say it and the time it would take to read it. Suffice it to say that the game has come a long way since I first cast eyes on it and has been improved in almost every possible way.

I never found myself bored playing Firefall, even if the missions didn't offer much in terms of narrative "oomph" or character-driven story. Chasing Ares missions across the map, crushing whirling Melding tornadoes, and thumping for resources never got less fun, only more so as my skills improved and the number of players involved increased. Still, I can't imagine the existing content being enough to keep me in the game longer than a few weeks.

I'm excited to see how Blackwater Anomaly, Firefall's first official group dungeon-thing, changes up the day-to-day grind (running this encounter will be the focus of our stream this week, thanks to last week's poll). Perhaps it will be exactly the type of experience that demonstrates Red 5's vision for the game moving forward and will give me answers to the questions I've had since my first early days with the game. If not, well, there are still months of development ahead.

I think I will go on playing Firefall since this game is really suitable to me. I am going to buy some firefall crystite to make me richer in the game so that I can exchange anything I want. Well, I would suggest you to try this game too and you will like it.