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ZAM joins forces with the best resource for FFXIV fans ahead of A Realm Reborn
ZAM has united with XIVDB to ensure that Final Fantasy fans have all the tools, stats and resources they need at their fingertips ready for launch.
From a comprehensive list of in-game items to a quick reference guide to all the skills available for each primary and secondary class, XIVDB is undoubtedly the best site around for the FFXIV community.

In addition to XIVDB, you can also use the incredible combat log parser via FFXIV-APP. With the app you will have all the hidden stats in the game unveiled through your chatlog. You can also use Google translate through the app to make sure there are no language boundaries between you and your party.
ZAM has always been dedicated to providing the best experience for gamers and we are very pleased to continue that FFXIV Power leveling service.For full details ,just visit our site.