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the Date of A Realm Reborn’s Open Beta Will Be released

During a test livestream for tomorrow’s Letter from the Producer Live broadcast the development team mentioned that it will be announced tomorrow during the event about the beginning date of the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV,of which Final Fantasy XIV Gil is essential for the game playing.

You can hear the announcement yourself by tuning in on Youtube or Twitch at the usual ungodly hour (5 AM PDT), provided that you can understand Japanese. If you can’t, don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you as soon as I hear it. Of course you can expect the usual extensive coverage of the livestream as well.
Notably, all progression achieved during the open beta and the following early access will be carried over (short of unforeseeable problems) to the released game, so you can pretty much consider the upcoming beta phase as a soft release. Addtionally,you can experience the great updating service by FFXIV Power leveling in Final Fantasy XIV,from which more surprising and various scenes are right here waiting for you.