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Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition Digital Version Is Available now

• Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is finally launched almost here, for fans that have been waiting years for the game to launch, pre-ordering the game is just a downright necessity. And with FFXIV Gil,the online game would be more fanscinating.Since the price of the game is a little cheaper ($39 for PS3 and $30 for PC) many people have wanted to jump to the Collector’s Edition.

• The only problem is that it has only been available from the Square Enix store until today, now you can pick up the digital-version of the popular game from Amazon. Pre-ordering will get you, “Pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and get a $5 Amazon credit and receive a token for early access to the game and digital in-game content including a Mog cap and minion pet. The token for early access will be emailed with instructions prior to early access opening, according to Amazon.
• The physical copy of the Collector’s Edition for PC is still not available, but interested parties can check out the official PS3, PC and digital-PC versions.Besides,if you own FFXIV Power leveling services,the consistent update of Collector’s Edition will more rapid and convenient than before.