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The MMO "Arms Race" of WildStar Dev

Lots of MMOs and every single one of them are vying for the same audience. Certainly you can classify things off into folks for different genres and styles, but at the end of the day there is a limited pool of people willing to put in the time and dedication on game. The competition for player's attention has, in turn, led to what some in the MMO industry would term an "arms race" as developers fight for players' play time. According to Jeremy Gaffney of Carbine Studios, the studio behind the MMO WildStar,updates and content drops lie at the center of the competition.That is to say,more reforms will be taken to the online game.And with Wildstar power leveling, more surprise and updates can be experienced easily.

"They went for the sort of normal three-month patch cycle for most of their games...Then some bright group was there who said, 'We're going to do it in two months', and they got more users, then someone else was like, 'We'll do a big update in a month.'" According to Gaffney, releases escalated until "weekly or bi-weekly" updates became a norm. "It's like this arms race for how much new stuff can you add in the game."
Keeping the difficulties of speedy updates in mind, Carbine has "tooled from an early stage to try and have that rapid update cycle" with WildStar. To do this the studio has developed the game to be easily modifiable giving the developers easy-to-use tools to aid in the creation of dynamic events and gameplay additions. "We've been believers for quite a long while that frequency of quality updates is something that players really reward," said Gaffney, and if Carbine has its way, WildStar on a regular basis will updates often .And as the game develops, more and more players will buy Wildstar gold from Web now.