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kfcgold:How to Traveling Across the World in ArcheAge

Traveling across the world in ArcheAge is a huge part of the game, as a lot of it revolves around transporting items from one area to another. Due to this, there are many ways to handle the traveling, and each of them has their own benefits. Understanding these travel methods and what makes each one beneficial helps immensely when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness in a given situation. So let us go over them!


Traveling by foot is by far the slowest method, although it gives the freedom of being able to attack on-the-fly (without having to dismount, for example). This is used when traveling short distances, such as while out and about hunting mobs or turning in some quests that are a pretty close distance to one another. To help out with gaining some extra speed, there is also a dashing skill that will burn mana in return for faster running. This, of course, should be used in moderation when hunting mobs since mana is an integral part of being able to fight.


Mounts are a great way for moving quickly, at least out of the water. Donkeys are an awesome asset for carrying supplies at a faster rate than can be done on foot, and other mounts are much faster on land but can not carry supplies. Generally speaking, mounts are used any time you need to get from one place to another over a medium distance. It is worth noting, however, that when it comes to traversing water, going on foot is the best method since movement through water when mounted is extremely slow and can pose problems.

Boats and Ships


Boats and ships are the best way to move through water. This is used in the main ocean as a mode of transport, but can also be used in smaller lakes as needed as well. The trick to these is that they can only be summoned along the water, and can only be taken along the water. As a result, these are mostly only utilized when trying to get from the east to the west lands.

Carriages and Airships

Carriages and airships can both be considered as a form of public transportation. Both of these move much faster than one can while mounted or on foot, making traveling a lot easier. Along with this, when it comes to airships, they can go over mountains to make getting from one zone to another a lot easier, being that you don’t have to make your way through each neighboring one while trying to find a path through.

Both of these forms of transportation are free, and both are marked on the map to help find where they stop a lot easier. Carriages will be traveling back and forth along paths, and you can either get on one at its stop or while it is traveling (though it can be tough to catch up to them -- using the temporary speed boosts will help immensely with this). Airships, on the other hand, must be boarded at one of their landing stations, so it can take a while of waiting before you can get on one (I was at a landing station for around 12 minutes for one of them, so being patient is key).


The carriage and airship conductors have telescopes next to them that you can utilize. From there, you can open up your map and see where all of the appropriate vehicles are, as well as where they are coming from and are going. This makes planning paths pretty easy, and you can check back every few minutes to see if one is within your vicinity yet.

Teleport Scrolls Book


The Teleport Scrolls book allows you to instantly teleport to any area you have unlocked (through their binding spots), as well as anywhere you have saved in the custom list. These use an item called Hereafter Stones, which then let you jump in a portal and go anywhere you want instantly. These are often used for longer trips when you already have the areas unlocked, since they make getting to specific spots much more fast and efficient. And while these do have a cost associated with them (in that the stones require materials and Labor to create), they are negligible when it comes to comparing them to the time saved by just teleporting.


There are a couple of important notes when it comes to teleporting:


• Anyone is able to enter your portals (to follow you or otherwise) -- they are considered as being public

• To get through the portal, you have to jump into it

• No items can be carried through, such as packs, so transporting things will require the other methods of getting around


Getting from one area to another within ArcheAge can be an easy feat or a tough one, depending on where you are, what all you have unlocked and what your goal is. Along with this, some areas can lead to being attacked by enemy (or allied) players, such as when out in the open water in a boat or ship. With all of the methods available, though, it really opens the doors for each person to travel in the method they prefer, without being forced to use one method or another.

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