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Engineering is in a pretty good place right now in WoW

What did the WoW game look like years ago? What is an engineer in WoW? And then what does the engineer do ? Can you answer a series of questions like these ?

If you're an engineer, you're accustomed to the chance of failure. The state of the profession throughout WoW’s ten years is a bit like a goblin device. Sometimes engineering has succeeded incredibly well. The shiniest of rewards showered down on the profession from Blizzard's workshop like Thorium Grenades of Joy.


craftable by engineers

During other eras, the profession has backfired, blasting shrapnel in players' faces like so many Explosive Sheep.No one would argue that engineering is in a pretty good place right now, especially considering the newly revealed Sky Golem. It's one of the sickest mounts in the game, it transforms, it lets you harvest herbs without dismounting -- and it's only craftable by engineers.Engineering has always been the weird uncle in the family of primary professions. No other profession makes such a diverse and bizarre array of products.

Engineers can make ranged weapons, a shield, armor of all four kinds, consumables, pets, mounts, trinkets, utility items, "enchantments," "gems," "keys," feasts , fishing lures, portable crafting stations, and specialized bags. It's also the only remaining profession that is still divided into exclusive specializations: goblin and gnomish engineering.
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