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Are you interested in the Day of the Dead in WoW

Another interesting thing which I can share with you! I am excited to have a chance to tell you the Day of the Dead.It must very be funny.I can’t wait sharing with my dear friends .

The Day of the Dead offers us up only one solitary quest .The quest is called The Grateful Dead and it can only be completed once during the holiday. The quest is only available at your race's home city.You will first need to use wow golds to purchase some flowers , then you can obtain the quest .The Grateful Dead, Specifically Orange Marigold or Bouquet of Orange Marigolds. These can be bought from a rather unusual vendor named Chapman.


use wow golds to purchase some flowers

Chapman can be found at your city graveyard, standing very close to Catrina, who is is female counterpart. It does not matter if you purchase the single Marigold or the Bouquet. One is single-use and will only last the duration of the event while the other is a re-useable permanent offhand, though it will only function during the Day of the Dead event.

Use the flower at any graveyard to allow your character to view the spirit . The spirit will offer up the quest and requests which requests that you bring the spirit and food offering of some Bread of the Dead a.ka. Pan de Meurto. The Bread of the Dead recipe can be purchased and only requires 1 Cooking skill level to learn and make. Bread which just contains some Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk requires you to cook it over the ghostly fire found close to Chapman and Catrina.

Finishing the quest will reward you with the Macabre Marionette.They are pretty cool little skeleton that wear a sombrero and wields some bad-ass maracas. What is more, they have many abilities: Dead Man's Party, Bone Bite, Siphon Life and so on. You will find they are especially useful against those of the Dragonkin type.