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Path Of Exile Has Grown Exponentially Since The Launch Of Fall Of Oriath

When it comes to Path of Exile, the official release date on Steam says October 24, 2013, but the genesis of the game started back in 2006. Fall of Oriath marks the sixth expansion released for PoE. One of the major changes went against the grain. Along with the new story chapters, Grinding Gear removed two difficulty levels. Path of Exile is free, and the game is the first of its kind to provide it without needing to resort to the "New Game+" model. 



Path of Exile has maintained one of the most resilient player bases of any game over the last few years. It's since launched on the Xbox One - but not the PS4 - with all the same content and mechanics, albeit with a few concessions to controllers. Path of Exile: War for the Atlas is the latest addition to the popular free-to-play action RPG, Grinding Gear Games revealed a lots of new content and details, see more at here


More importantly the game is fun, crazy trees, weird skills and a bonkers currency system make it constantly fresh. War for the Atlas, the expansion offered a massive boost to Path of Exile's endgame with 32 randomized maps, a new league and new endgame items when it launches next month. It included a multitude of new corpse-themed abilities, such as Cremation—a power that causes corpses to explode (yay). 


Path of Exile also recently launched on the Xbox One and PC. War for the Atlas comes hot on the heels of the story-focused Fall of Oriath expansion, which launched back in August. Path of Exile's recent boom is also one of the main reasons that Grinding Gear Games is keen to push out an endgame expansion. Path of Exile has grown exponentially since the launch of Fall of Oriath, says managing director Chris Wilson. We know that a trustworthy POE xbox currency supplier is matter to you, we are your the best choice.