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PoE 3.3 Shadow Trickster Build

The Trickster is a hybrid class that mixes higher speed, maneuverability, and slippery defenses. It is well-suited for Shadows that deal harm more than time, which includes from poison. Also, they achieve added layers of protection to their evasion and power shield from Shade Type and Escape Artist, rewarding playstyles that focus on taking hits periodically. Additionally, they gain Power and Frenzy charge generation and bonuses from Swift Killer and substantial mana discounts from Weave the Arcane. Now U4GM shares with you the best PoE 3.3 Shadow Trickster Build. U4GM as an expert Poe Currency web page offers secure, speedy and low-priced Poe Orbs for you. With more than ten years of excellence, we've got served a vast number of clients. If you are hesitating exactly where to get Poe Exalted Orb, U4GM will likely be a good selection.

[PoE 3.3 Build] Very Fast Clear And Farmspeed Molten Strike Trickster Build

The build is based on the Oni-Goroshi sword. When we ignite an enemy, we get Her Embrace what a buff which makes us immune to stun, burning ground, freeze, chill, we, also, get 123% of physical sword damage as other fire harm as well as a "second" Onslaught effect is. The downside of this sword is a sturdy DoT while Her Embrace which might be lowered by fire resistance, and so on.
The damage is mainly scaled with physical, crit then converted to elemental harm. The Oni-Goroshi offers so much damage on its own that we can concentrate on a higher life pool and decent defense.

This Build a genuinely strong league starter. U4GM gamer will use this build myself this season. Sadly they changed the dropping price of Oni Goroshi sword and produced it more robust to obtain. Atm, no one knows how extended you have to farm for it. U4GM gamer personally will attempt it out at the start out on the season and crop it and will share my encounter asap. One more solution would be a 5/6link chest for our two principal harm setup with swapping gems and two touches of anguish claws. Needs to be pretty sick for clearing.

+ Very fast clear- & arm speed
+ Fun playstyle
+ Safe mapping (freezing almost everything)
+ High DPS
+ Easy Leveling with Oni-Goroshi
+ Oni-Goroshi makes immune to nearly everything
+ A speaking sword is quite cool :)
+ Can face tank most endgame content.

- The DoT effect of Oni-Goroshi can be annoying

> Soul of Solaris
> Soul of Tokuhama

Bandits: Help Alira

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[PoE 3.3 Build] Tanky, Budget, Fast Clear, Lag-Free Trickster Build

The point of this guide is to be an exceptionally in-depth run-down of how you can play the Death's Oath Trickster that has carried me via the final two leagues. At level 97 in bestiary Flashback SC, this build was the 12th Trickster on a ladder or roughly the 230th highest level player in the world. If you are shooting for a significant ten spot, you are going to want to stick to your wander/support combos possibly, but I hope the other 98% from the Path of Exile community gains a thing from this. All of my play to level 97 was performed solo, but not SSF (only because I get lonely in some cases, and getting items is good). A lot more seasoned players can skip to Skill Setups and Gearing, Itemization, Enchantments sections, even though less confident players can give the entire issue a study. I've accomplished my most beautiful to make the guide each as in-depth and as beginner-friendly as possible. In case you possess a query, probabilities will be the answer is in here, but barring that you can always ask or shoot me a private message.

Changes in PoE 3.3:
Vaal Blight admittedly looks reasonably attractive, but the new Vaal skill mechanics place both the Vaal and standard skill on the same gem. We usually do not socket a Blight gem since of Allelopathy, so this requires us to create an area for one more flower to utilize it. Likely requires some testing. However, it appears also inefficient to create a space for.
None of our Exceptional items, mandatory or otherwise, have already been changed at all. The Pale Council and Shaper/Elder mechanics are virtually untouched, producing Breath in the Council and IM presence concerning the very same as prior leagues.
What has been changed, and is sadly a nerf for us, is Vaal Soul generation. Vaal Grace indistinct now requires about twice as several souls and features a cooldown after use through which we cannot create additional souls. This is somewhat offset by the truth that we now produce souls from Rare and Distinctive enemies as they take harm. It is a great deal much more robust to attain a strongbox or Exclusive enemy devoid of Vaal Grace offered, but we can not use it regularly in hazardous maps.

1 - Weave the Arcane
My personal choice for the first point, this prevents running out of mana during the acts and lets us spam a movement skill to move around quickly. It is impossible for us to make use of 6% reduced Damage Taken for 4 seconds after Spending 200 Mana, but the node pays for itself in sheer utility and quality of life.
2/3 - Patient Reaper
Arguably the most critical ascendancy point, this gives us a metric assload of life and mana sustain, as well as buffing our blight and Death's Oath damage over time. The increased life regeneration also allows us to continue the Death's Oath damage over time more comfortable. Despite being mandatory for our chest plate, the level requirement of 69 means we can save this ascendancy for the merciless labyrinth if we prefer swift killer's damage

2/3 - Swift Killer
A hefty sum of damage and movement speed for when we can clear at a fast enough pace to maintain charges. The lack of other stats or utility makes this node skippable for cautions (or hardcore) players but is nice to have.

4 - Prolonged Pain (req. Patient Reaper)
A small boost to our damage, and a slight reduction in our self-damage. The skill duration increases out single-target blight damage but is relatively hard to notice. Players uncomfortable with the Eternal Labyrinth (Uber Lab) can avoid taking this node until much later without hurting the build's effectiveness.

We kill all bandits for the extra skill points. Oak and Alira have wasted stats in % Increased Physical Damage and % Increased Critical Strike Multiplier respectively, and Kraityn is just weak.

Our major pantheon is Soul of Arakaali, and we capture both Arachnoxia and Armala, The Widow. This gives us an excellent multiplier to our life and mana regeneration (both of which contribute to our life pool), and provide us with mitigation to damage over time and chaos damage over time. Both of these reduce the self-inflicted damage of Death's Oath and are generally useful in dealing with sources of chaos damage (which still hurts).
There's no real "correct" minor god, as we don't require any of the buffs to function, but I prefer Soul of Shakari for the added damage over time resistance. Soul of Gruthkul can also make us tanker in a pinch, or for players opting for slower, more bulky playstyles. The other pantheons don't do much for us (we have no reflectable damage to warrant Yugul, burning ground does not interrupt us for Abernathy, we don't stand still enough for Tukohama to proc, etc.)

Leveling Guides:
Tabula Rasa is your friend. Those of you used to reroll and leveling new characters shouldn't be surprised by this. I prefer Blade Vortex with Added Chaos Damage for leveling, but the acts set us up very well to use Essence Drain and Contagion as well. We can poison act bosses for clean and comfortable kills as well. In the absence of leveling uniques, rare items with life will suffice.
Do yourself a favor and spend a good few levels in the Blood Aqueducts (Act 9) to get the last bit of life regeneration you need to sustain Death Aura's self-damage. The +30 Strength nodes are completely fine to take until higher levels, where you can get attributes on your rings.

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[PoE 3.3 Build] Essence Drain And Blight MoM Trickster Build

The Essence Drain play style is usually a synergy between Essence Drain and Contagion, and just after 3.0, we include things like Blight at the same time. Essence Drain is a projectile spell that applies sturdy harm more than time effect for the target. Contagion is an area of effect spell that bargains weaker damage over time for you to targets. When a target impacted by Contagion dies, both Essence Drain and Contagion DoT effects on that target are applied to nearby enemies. This means you first ask Contagion, then fire an Essence Drain into the enemies. When the first enemy dies, Essence Drain is spread to anything, and your job is performed. In 3.3 the Allelopathy gloves were introduced, giving us a sturdy 5L Blight for our glove slot at the same time. This offers ED the single target punch that enables it to tackle the hardest of content more correctly. ED remains an excellent all-around build and can take care of all content with ease if played expertly.

Four significant gods and two minor gods depending on the content:
Brine King - Stun immunity is godlike. I used this while leveling and until I equipped Perfect Form.
Lunaris - My go-to choice currently. The extra layered defense is fantastic once you get most
of the upgrades.
Solaris - Afraid of one-shots on Shaper? Use this to be slightly safer.
Arakaali - I swap this for Uber lab farming. If I just run once or twice, I don't bother.
Rakesh - A must for lab farm. handy while mapping
Tukohama - If you use Blight/Allelopathy, this enables you to Facetank much better.

Bandits: Kil all

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