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How to Grind for the New Gear in Neverwinter

This article mainly tells how to get the vivified gear (BIS) without spending AD or Zen. The first goal is to get into FBI. Under the situation that pushing your IL to that magical +3.1k, what you need now is the Everfrost resistance. Below are several steps.


Neverwinter Grind for the New Gear


To unlock you will need a lot of Voninblood. Le't assume you will get that while doing daily and weekly tasks. Then you will also need to run HE's in Bryn Shader to get that one pair of boots. To restore them you will need 25 Lanolin. The amount of HE's you have to run to achieve this will probably be close to 100 if not more to get all the Lanolin.


After that you are still not ready for FBI and you need to buy some gear to enter it, or (since our goal is not to buy it) unlock the whole campaign and get those reinforcement kits/shirt/pants/boons. Plus food from SH and a potion. That will get you into FBI, where you will probably just strip your gear so that you are more balanced out. You overcome obstacles and get pieces of gear. To restore the campaign, you need stuff that can be found in treasure maps. And some stuff can be created by the profession. So how to get?


You get treasure maps by fishing. Every 10th will probably get you a map which you have to search online where it's located (time saver). Now those maps don't guarantee you a thing you need for your MH/OH restoration. So you will have to do a lot of treasure hunting (actually fishing) to get everything you need to restore those items. 


For the professional items, go back to those HE's. This time probably around 200 more HE's to get all that Lanolin.


Remember that to get the vivified gear ou will need more items to vivify the gear. To upgrade you MH/OH to blue/epic/legendary level you will need a special kind of Marks. If you want that vivified gear to keep being maximized, you willl have to get a daily amount of Voninblood to keep it at tier 3.


It's a long process which needs time and patience. Hold on and get a vivified gear. Hope this can be helpful for you. Wanna get items? Any demand for items can be meet on our website to help you grind the gear.