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MU Legend: The Combat Is Real-Time And Very Fast Paced And More

Webzen revealed new news about MU Legend, players will find enhanced graphics and a fluid hack 'n' slash combat style. The OBT of MU Legend will includes new features including localization in several new languages. In MU Legend, the same problems that plagued Devilian, linear questing, lack of much to do outside slaying mobs, plague MU Legend. In addition to the main features, Webzen is working to be able to incorporate community communication elements into the PvP system. Highly recommend you to view more at here



Webzen has confirmed that MU Legend's official release began with an open beta phase on November 7th, 2017. MU Legend is considered MU2 version of Webzen. The game debuted in Korea in March, but was only released internationally on November 7. After only one month of operation, MU Legend has attracted thousands of gamers around the world, and Webzen himself has taken many anti-hacking measures.


Regarding MU Legend, the last two CBTs, followed by a successful worldwide stress test on September 23rd, have since attracted hundreds of thousands more fans. You have to understand what exactly needs to be done to open passive skills,  how much it will be able to pump critical chance, how to strengthen the power of control effects, whether to reduce the time of potions recovery, and how to reduce the cost of equipment repair. 


Webzen's development studio has managed to reproduce the classic MU Online event, but with new exciting features, such as a new reward system and challenging new bosses. MU Legend combines everything mentioned above: the combat is real-time and very fast paced, whether during PVE or PVP play. The MU Legend team has also made a big step in broadening its communication with players. You need to know more: