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Madden 18's Confirmed Many Changes: New Play Styles And New Modes

Although Madden 18 have been launched for a while, this game's major changes are often discussed by fans, today, we meet your any needs based on your real ideas, please follow me to know more this game's details, this following are some of the confirmed changes coming to Madden 18, unsurprisingly, it's just encouraging to see that cheap madden 18 coins for sale



Ball Hawk

While Ball Hawk will still be a feature in Madden, it will no longer be OP. You will no longer be able to simply just hold Y/Triangle to set up an interception. 


Death Of The Swerve

No one likes this awful glitch that made it's way onto Madden. The developers tried so hard to patch it but could never really find a solution. 


Dropped Pass

This was one of the worst problems in Madden. Your slot receiver, wide open. The ball hits him in the hands and he drops it. That just could ruin my whole day if that game was on the line. Apparently, it will not happened in Madden 18. 


Hit Stick

This is one that users might actually have trouble with making adjustments. This year you will actually have to use the sticks. It has been reported that different angles on the hit stick will cause different actions. 


Overall, Madden 18 is the greatest video game, it's always exciting for players to get video games and check out player ratings, source from here. New Play Styles, the all new Longshot story mode, and new ways to team up and play online in MUT Squads, plus stunning visuals powered by the Frostbite engine make this Madden like you've never seen before.