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Madden 18 MUT: Coins, Points, Items, Overall Ratings, Overall Levels

In Madden 18, there is significant and fun playing option, the card-based mode, called Madden Ultimate Team(MUT). MUT has evolved in notable and exciting ways over the years, and you can find an enormous amount of depth in assembling and tweaking a juggernaut squad. Today, let's analyze MUT from different aspects. Take into consideration know more details, we revealed more and see more at here



Coins, Points, Tickets, Contracts And Items

You earn MUT coins by tackling and completing objectives in Ultimate Team. Those coins can be turned in for new items and card packs, whether via the store or through the auction house. 


Overall Ratings

EA Sports modified the way overall team ratings are calculated in Madden NFL 18, widening the gap between ratings. More so this year than in years past, the difference in performance between a team with a 70 rating and another rated 71 is significant. 


Overall Levels

Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team features a team-wide leveling system. As you progress through solo challenges and head-to-head matches, each player will gain MUT experience points that increase your rank. 


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