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The FUT14 Golden Trading Rules (二)

Want to be a sucessful trade in FIFA Ultimate Team ? well , let's learn about the FUT 14 golden trading rules part 2 :Focus On A Price Of Market


The world economy’s big successes were reached by the ones who became specialized in determined sectors. Amazon, for example, started selling books. Only after becoming a leader in this sector they expanded their business to other products.

If you want to be the best trader, you’ll have to focus on a part of the market and not itself in general. It’s impossible for someone to have good control of all the cards in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. As this market is live with much availability and choice, it would be impossible for someone try and keep up with its full dynamics.

Choose a branch in which you feel comfortable, study it and keep yourself updated about the changes that happen in this specific market. It’s going to be a lot easier to know about what prices you should buy or sell cards. Remember that being fast is a very important characteristic a trader must have: being fast in order to make a move and not miss the opportunity, being fast selling to increase the number of sales, being fast to notice the changes of the market, etc…

When choosing your branch make everything possible to make your work easier. If you choose, for example, Tévez as a target, you’ll have Agüero between the results of your search because there are not enough filters to differentiate them. Benzema, for example, is the only French attacker on Real Madrid, so it’s a good choice. In the console you can type direcly the name of the player.if u are going to buy fifa coins 

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