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kfcgold:FIFA 15 ultimate team Fans Wishlist

Our recent post on FIFA 15 Expected Features lets you know the features that are expected in FIFA 15 and here is another list that our dear fans wants from EA Sports.

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 In FIFA 15 players should be intensified with things like injury and offside prone characters and team should play more like real counterpart and stamina levels should affect the shooting skills. Though FIFA 14 has enough liveliness but there is still lack of that real feeling and we are expecting this in FIFA 15.

Another feature is to see a dirty football in a rainy match and a coin toss to start the game this will add more realism to the game and some fans also want that some new player must be included in the game.

The most interesting point among all the ideas was introducing the WOMEN FOOTBALL League. We think this will be the most innovative idea we could thought and EA should definitely look into this idea.

The customization and simulation style of football has acquired plenty of fans to the PES franchise, but the current FIFA 14 title still seems to have the edge. As we look forward to EA FIFA World Cup 2014 we can at least expect every qualified to team to be involved, and hope that they are also available on FIFA 15 along with a return of the tournament mode.

Some More FIFA 15 Fans Wishlist is as follows:-

Wager Matches:

Wager matches is the most demanded wish among the fans but introducing gambling in the game would lead to various license issues and also age limit of EA sports in FIFA series.

Manager Tasks:

Manager Task should be expanded starting from building the team and also addition of weekly task and long term changes like full IF team or to score 500 goals could help to extend the experience over the many months we play for. The rewards for achieving these end-game tasks should be handsome too.

Start With Week Foot and Then Upgrade Skills:

In FIFA game, it should have a moderate start and then boost the skills as the continues. This feature is not very interesting but on the long run this will help the player to start in a realistic manner and feel the game enthusiasm.

Practice Mode:

Currently we have friendly matches for contracts and players fitness but instead we can have practice mode where you can freely experiment with different formations, styles, chemistry and players until you find what you deem to be the perfect mix.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Seasons:

Current format of Fifa does not fulfill the Fifa purpose of building squads. However, a Seasons mode with specific Gold, Silver, Bronze requirements would add a whole new dimension to the game mode and perhaps “featured” Seasons with really specific entry requirements could be released periodically too.

What other improvements would you like to see in FIFA 15? Maybe you would like to see players get the option to add more aggression to the game with the opportunity to show kind of erratic behavior that comes from players on a losing side.

So to all die hard fans FIFA, we would also like to hear your suggestions on FIFA 15.

So please leave a valuable comments in the below comment box,,,,and stay connected for more updates on FIFA 15.

Updated On 20 April 2014:

Hey Friends we have received a lot of feedback from you in terms of your valuable comments. So here we present you the updated WISHLIST which is created by all the die hard fans of FIFA.


FIFA 15 fans like to introduce more leagues like Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Greek, Ghana and Nigeria and also African, Iceland and Bosnia.

Career Mode:

FIFA fans like to start his career in career mode, from any of the youth teams starting from the age 14 or 15. Then start playing in the lower team and like this move forward and finally reach in in top most teams and watch him to play for clubs and let him sold, this would make it more realistic and lively.


Player Reaction:

In all teams, there must be reactions of players if they lose or win and in player career mode put some conversation between the pro and other players or the manager. More Enthusiasm in the commentary and emotions during the last minute winning goal.

There should be more hair styles and more soccer boats as it add more interest among the fans and also the possibility to train and “upgrade” players on career mode.

Keepers Kit:

Keepers kits should be changed or its color should be different in game. A referee mode can be inculcated where you can actually be a refre and you can call fouls and give out cards.

Kit Upgrades:

Customize or create brand new kits after the 1st season in Career Mode like to adjust the pattern or change the design and choose what sponsor you want. Addition of real life training sessions,interviews after matches with the ability to type what you want the player to say and show it on in the news. Also make the news more realistic like showing bad injuries causes,suspension causes and goals in short video clips.adds the feature to see how your manager looks when creating one.adds more realistic reactions to misses,losses and sending offs as well as victories

Unique Stadium:

Each stadium, will be unique. From the pitch size and grass type, to the types of goal nets. When you score you want the ball to sink into the net and see the net string holders shake and heard the sound like in World cup 10. There should be more fans to the stadium and chants in a realistic manner.

Innovative Ideas:-

1. A very new Idea of Retro Videos of Memorable Moments in FIFA 15.

2. When the clock goes into added time,then instead of showing +4 minutes it must display the countdown, as it adds more enthusiasm and excitement in the game.

3. More emotions,Career Mode Preseason and these Preseason Tours must be in different countries.

4. The most innovative idea was introducing the Women’s League.

And at last but not least, Career Mode must be less about the team and more about the club. It must be solely based on picking a team, buying players and playing matches, but it must be about the club and being involved in things such as takeovers, restricted budgets regardless of the board strictness, stadium developments, club sponsors, Press Conferences that affect the club, and even club and international rankings.


So please leave a valuable suggestions in the below comment box and stay connected for more updates on FIFA 15.

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