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Albion Online: The New Reputation System Details

For the new Albion Online, big changes soon to be come. Notably, with regard to a new system of crime as well as reputation, it will penalize or reward players in accordance to their behavior towards other players. On basic of the orientation of each one, this system will allow to assign a particular status according to the attitudes and methods applied. For any a Albion Online gamer, seemingly, almost they have been expecting to buy cheap albion gold.


AO reputation system


From the model Citizen to the criminal, each player will have to answer for his actions according to levels of reputation ranging from Glorious to Redoutable through Noble, Virtuous, Reputed, Neutral, Infamous, Scathing and Negative. This Level will also be visible to everyone by an icon of value added after the nickname: A star for the "good" and a skull for the "bad".



The current World of Albion is composed of a single territory on which a multitude of players intersect and kill each other, for the greatest misfortune of the casual players or all those who have a calmer orientation. The developers of Sandbox Interactive have therefore set up a new world divided into different territories and different areas of action. Nowly, it's extremely significant that you should buy cheap albion silver.


The Royal Islands (green, yellow and red zones), governed by a law of the king that the Royal Expeditionary Forces take charge of, and the Farlands, essentially in the black zone, on which everything is permitted. Some unrestricted areas, in the territory of the Royal Islands, will nevertheless be accessible for PvP and the search for particular resources.


Players seeking a more farming-oriented mode of play, crafting in casual mode, fighting monsters essentially will be protected by law, and will instead move to a good citizen status and find their place on the Royal Islands. 


Who will tend to crime, for those who adopt a PVP mode, living on pillaging as well as fighting on territories under royal protection, arguably, their place shoud be that of Farlands where their actions will not affect their level of reputation, be in there, they will able to find other players with the same state of mind.